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19 Lessons on FEAR & FAITH

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

The difference between fear and faith can change your life!

When you think about living a successful life, you probably don’t consider the role of “faith” all that much.

But Napoleon Hill considered it to be a CRITICAL part of living a fulfilling life.

He also considered “fear” to be the nemesis of “faith”.

In fact, he said, “FAITH is a state of mind, and it is a condition precedent to the discovery of one’s “other self.” The opposite of FAITH is FEAR. It too is a state of mind, which sometimes is induced by realities and at other times by imaginary causes.”

I’ve found this to be so true in my own life.

Whether I’m acting on faith… or on fear… reality will follow my lead.

In Napoleon Hill’s book, The Hand of Destiny (which I just published for the first time EVER!), he makes the following 19 comparisons between fear and faith.

And I’ll be darned if they don’t stop you in your tracks 🙂

Check it out…

  • ​“FAITH permits one to approach within communicating distance of God; FEAR holds one at arm’s length and makes communication Impossible.
  • ​“FAITH creates an Abraham Lincoln; FEAR develops an Al Capone.”
  • ​“FAITH evolves a great leader; FEAR creates a cringing follower.”
  • ​“FAITH makes men honorable at trade; FEAR makes men dishonest and stealthy-minded.”
  • ​“FAITH causes one to look for, and to find, the best there is in men; FEAR discovers only men’s shortcomings and deficiencies.”
  • ​“FAITH unmistakably identifies itself through the look in one’s eyes, the expression on one’s face, in the tone of one’s voice, and in the way one walks; FEAR identifies itself through the same avenues.”
  • ​“FAITH attracts only that which is constructive and creative; FEAR attracts only that which is destructive.”
  • ​“RIGHT works through FAITH; WRONG works through FEAR. When these are pitted one against the other, the man who has abundant FAITH will win over the man who is motivated by FEAR. Anything which causes one to be AFRAID should have close examination.”
  • ​“Both FAITH and FEAR have a tendency to clothe their objectives in physical realities, through the most practical and natural media available.”
  • ​“FAITH constructs; FEAR tears down. The order never is reversed.”
  • ​“FAITH can construct an Empire State Building, build a Panama Canal, or give security to a nation; FEAR negates enterprise.”
  • ​“FAITH and FEAR never fraternize. Both cannot occupy the mind at the same time. One or the other must, and always does, dominate.”
  • ​“FEAR has ushered in the most devastating panics the world has ever known; FAITH has rapidly dispelled them.”
  • ​“FAITH can lift an individual to great heights of achievement in any calling; FEAR can, and does, make achievement impossible. Even a horse or a dog knows when its master is AFRAID, and reflects that FEAR in its conduct.”
  • ​“FAITH is Nature’s alchemy with which she mixes and blends the SPIRITUAL with the physical and mental forces. FEAR will no more mix with SPIRITUAL forces than will oil with water.”
  • ​“FAITH is every man’s privilege. When exercised, it removes most of the real, and all of the imaginary, limitations with which man binds himself in his own mind.”
  • ​“FAITH can be induced by crystalizing one’s hopes and desires into a BURNING determination to succeed.”
  • ​“FAITH forms an affinity with JUSTICE; FEAR fraternizes with INJUSTICE.”
  • ​“FAITH is a normal state of mind; FEAR is abnormal.”

A lot to think about. My recommendation is to save this email and read over these 19 principles every morning for the next week.

Because when you operate from a place of faith rather than one of fear, your life changes for the better!

Talk soon,

- Russell Brunson

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"Test-Drive 'Secrets Of Success' For 30 Days Completely FREE, And Get This Gift, Just For Saying Maybe!"


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