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Direct Counseling From Abraham Lincoln 🎩

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Thursday, November 16, 2023

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When I was reading Napoleon Hill’s book, The Hand of Destinywhich I just published for the first time EVER! — I stumbled across something that surprised me.

Hill called it his “invisible council”.

He wrote, “Being an earnest student of psychology, I knew of course that all men become what they are because of their DOMINATING THOUGHTS AND DESIRES. I know that every deeply seated DESIRE had the effect of causing one to seek outward expression through which that desire might be transmuted into reality. I knew that self-suggestion was a powerful factor in the building of character, that it was, in fact, the sole principle through which character is developed.”

So what did he do?

He created an invisible council in his mind full of people he admired. He spent time with them every night. And he asked them to receive the qualities from them which he most respected.

“In these imaginary council meetings I called on my Cabinet Members for the knowledge I wished each to contribute.”

What did he say to them?

Well, he tells us 🙂

Mr. Emerson: “I desire to acquire from you the marvelous understanding of Nature which distinguished your life. I ask that you make an impress upon my subconscious mind of whatever qualities you possessed which enabled you to understand and adapt yourself to the Laws of Nature. I ask that you assist me in reaching and drawing upon whatever sources of knowledge are available to this end.”

Mr. Burbank: “I request that you pass on to me the knowledge which enabled you to harmonize the Laws of Nature that you caused the cactus to shed its thorns and become an edible food. Give me access to the knowledge which enabled you to make two blades of grass grow where but one grew before, and helped you to blend the coloring of the flowers to create more splendor and harmony. For you alone have successfully painted the lily.”

Napoleon: “I desire to acquire from you, by emulation, the outstanding ability you possessed to inspire men and to arouse them to greater and a more determined spirit of action; also, to acquire the spirit of enduring FAITH which enabled you to turn defeat into victory and to surmount staggering obstacles. Emperor of Fate, King of Chance, Man of Destiny, I salute you!”

Mr. Paine: “I desire to acquire from you the freedom of your thought, and the courage and clarity with which to express your convictions which so distinguished you!”

Mr. Darwin: “I wish to acquire from you the marvelous patience and ability to study cause and effect without bias or prejudice, so exemplified by you in the field of natural science.”

Mr. Lincoln: “I desire to build into my own character the keen sense of justice, the untiring spirit of patience, the sense of humor, the spirit of human understanding, and the tolerance which were your distinguishing characteristics.”

Mr. Carnegie: “I am already indebted to you for my choice of a life-work which has brought me great happiness and peace of mind. I wish to acquire a thorough understanding of the principles of organized effort, which you used so effectively in the building of a great industrial enterprise.”

Mr. Ford: “You have been among the most helpful of the men who have supplied the material out of which the Philosophy of Achievement is being built. I wish to acquire your spirit of persistence, your determination, your poise and the selfconfidence with which you have mastered poverty, organized directness, unified and simplified human effort, so I may help others to follow in your foot-steps.”

Mr. Edison: “I have seated you nearest to me at my right because of the personal cooperation you have given me during my research into the causes of success and failure. I wish to acquire from you the marvelous spirit of FAITH with which you have uncovered so many of Nature’s secrets, and the spirit of unremitting toil with which you have so often wrested victory from defeat.”

It might seem silly. But it’s only silly if we believe it’s silly. It’s also only powerful if we believe it’s powerful.

Why not spend more time taking counsel from the people you most admire?

Even if it’s only in your mind’s eye, their words can have a big impact. 🙂

- Russell Brunson

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"Test-Drive 'Secrets Of Success' For 30 Days Completely FREE, And Get This Gift, Just For Saying Maybe!"


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