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4 Earl Nightingale Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf!

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Friday, February 23, 2024

These 4 books from Earl Nightingale need to be on your bookshelf — they are the best he ever wrote!

Earl Nightingale was a prolific author who published a lot of amazing books — but he was first and foremost a radio show host!

His voice and written words inspired millions of people around the world to achieve success and live their best lives.

And he said super quotable stuff like this: “Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway.”

In 1960, he co-founded one of the most popular personal development businesses of all time, Nightingale Conant, which is still inspiring people today!

Needless to say, he’s one of my absolute favorite authors 🙂

Here are 4 Earl Nightingale books that should be on your bookshelf!

By the way, you should know, I have purchased and published tons of amazing works from authors like Napoleon Hill, Charles F. Haanel, and Earl Nightingale that the world has never seen before! In fact, we have around 7,000 radio tracks from Earl Nightingale that were never released to the public! You get access to ALL of them (audiobook, courses, digital files) inside the Secrets of Success Community — plus lots of other insane gifts. Go check out the details by clicking below!

Lead The Field

1. Lead The Field

This book emphasizes the power of attitude, goal setting, and the importance of recognizing and utilizing the opportunities that lie within one's current circumstances. It explains that success and opportunities don't always announce themselves with clarity… but often require a new perspective or a reevaluation of what we already have.

A key theme in "Lead The Field" is the concept of "Acres of Diamonds," which illustrates the often overlooked value and opportunities in our existing circumstances.

Nightingale encourages readers to explore and optimize their current work and environment before seeking opportunities elsewhere. He also focuses on the significance of setting a clear and worthy destination or goal, akin to a ship's captain knowing his port of call.

The book also explores the extraordinary potential of the human mind and the importance of integrity and honesty, both with others and ourselves!

All of the recordings for this book are available inside the Secrets of Success Community!

My Favorite Quotes from the Book

"If the first farmer had only taken the time to study and prepare himself to learn what diamonds looked like in their rough state, and since he had already owned a piece of the African continent, to thoroughly explore the property he had before looking elsewhere, all of his wildest dreams would have come true."

"If you should visit a ship in port and ask the captain for his next port-of-call, he’ll tell you in a single sentence. Even though the captain cannot see his port, his destination, for full 99% of the voyage, he knows it’s there, and barring an unforeseen and highly unlikely catastrophe, he’ll reach it."

"I like to think of this law in the form of a giant apothecary scale, the kind with a cross on it from which hang two bowls on chains. Now one of the bowls is marked ‘rewards’: the other is marked, ‘service.’ Whatever we put into the bowl marked ‘service,’ the world will match in the bowl marked ‘rewards.’"

The Secret Advantage

2. The Secret Advantage

“The Secret Advantage” is an audio program that compiles the most important messages from Earl Nightingale's extensive library of work. Released in 2016, it's an anthology of powerful ideas spanning over 21 hours.

And let me tell you… it’s amazing. And it’s worth every second. It distills Nightingale's insights from various best-selling programs and radio broadcasts, providing a unique blend of personal development skills critical for success in the modern age.

The program emphasizes the development of human capital and personal skills to adapt to technological advancements and globalization. I particularly love the focus on ‘cause and effect’, which Nightingale emphasis is a law which the entire universe follows.

All of the recordings for this book are available inside the Secrets of Success Community!

My Favorite Quotes from the Book

"Our rewards in life will be in exact proportion to our service."

"There are no exceptions to this. Nothing happens by accident. For every result, there’s a cause. You have only to take care of the cause. The effect will also, without exception, take care of itself… it’s as reliable as the rising of the sun."

"If your attitude toward the world is good, you’ll obtain good results. If your attitude is excellent, you’ll obtain excellent results. If it’s bad you’ll obtain bad results."

The Strangest Secret

3. The Strangest Secret

"The Strangest Secret," originally released as a spoken word record in 1957 (you can listen to it here!), is a foundational piece in the personal development genre. Nightingale, with his extensive experience in radio broadcasting (and iconic voice haha), delivers a message that's both compelling and easy to understand.

The core idea of the book is encapsulated in the phrase: "You become what you think about."

The book stands out for its practical advice blended with philosophical insights. Nightingale urges readers to set clear goals, maintain a positive mindset, and consistently work towards their dreams. He discusses the importance of controlling our thoughts and using them to guide us towards success, rather than letting uncontrolled thoughts lead us astray.

All of the recordings for this book are available inside the Secrets of Success Community!

My Favorite Quotes from the Book

"Decide now. What is it you want? Plant your goal in your mind. It’s the most important decision you’ll ever make in your entire life."

"Every one of us is the sum total of his own thoughts. He is where he is because that’s exactly where he really wants to be whether he’ll admit that or not."

"You will become what you think about."

Your Success Starts Here

4. Your Success Starts Here

This book serves as a manifesto for anyone at any stage of life who seeks to find purpose, set and achieve goals, and embrace personal evolution.

It explains the importance of identifying goals that bring fulfillment and pursuing them relentlessly, regardless of external circumstances or past failures!

Nightingale dives into the significance of integrity, the necessity of being open to new ideas, and the pursuit of true happiness.

His guidance is rooted in the belief that success isn't just about reaching a destination but thriving throughout the journey.

All of the recordings for this book are available inside the Secrets of Success Community!

My Favorite Quotes from the Book

"Invariably, the land will return what is planted… the land doesn’t care. It will return poison in just as wonderful abundance as it will corn… the human mind is much more fertile, far more incredible and mysterious, than the land. But it works the same way. It doesn’t care what we plant… what we plant, it must return to us."

"If there’s a rule in making decisions, I suppose it would be to listen to that inner voice… and try to make decisions that tend to be growth oriented."

"There is lurking in our daily work as well as in ourselves acres of diamonds."

Want To Learn More?

If you want to learn more about Earl Nightingale and his works — and get access to over 7,000 of his radio recordings never before released to the public, check out the Secrets of Success Community!

You’ll get access to books and courses from my favorite authors, as well as our monthly book club where we go through them together.

See you inside ;)

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