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How to Become More Attractive

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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Think about the most popular people you went to school with. They were likely at least somewhat attractive in appearance. They may have even been given the Senior Superlative designation “Most Popular.” They seemed to have it all–lots of friends, decent grades, leadership status, the easy life.

I guarantee you their good looks weren’t the only thing that gave them their “It” factor. You undoubtedly had many physically attractive people in your school. What made the popular ones stand out above the rest?

​The Answer: They had magnetic personalities. People flocked to them. Anyone who wasn’t in their circle of friends sure wanted to be.


Are Magnetic People Born or Made?

Some people are born naturally magnetic. The good news is that anyone can cultivate an attractive personality (and get more of what you want when you do).

Attractiveness isn’t about physical appearance. Some of the world’s most spellbinding people aren’t the most beautiful. However, they have character qualities that draw in (attract) good people and beneficial things.

By cultivating a magnetic mindset, anyone can harness the law of attraction, where positive thoughts attract good things. And when you do, your magnetism starts to compound and grow, snowballing. Before you know it, you’ll think things and those thoughts will begin pulling in the right people to help you with just about everything.

​Ready to get started? We’ll walk you through it.


Exercise Mindfulness

People are preoccupied. They have excitement, fears, and worries they are mulling over in their brains.

Magnetic people compartmentalize those distractions when they talk to others. They attentively look and listen in conversations.

Others have an innate sense when the person they are with cares. To show others you care, remind yourself to listen and look at them.

If your brain could use a little help concentrating, train yourself to repeat a few things back to the person speaking to you (provided you’re in a one-on-one or small group conversation and not in a company-wide business meeting or a lecture, of course).

​Also, practice looking a person in the eye or mouth most often. You may occasionally break your gaze to avoid being overbearing, but avoid mind-wandering by training yourself to focus on the person you’re speaking with.


Practice Positivity

Aim to say positive things a majority of the time. You want to leave people feeling better after having chatted with you. You can’t do that if you habitually talk about the negative things in life.

You can be authentic about life’s downs, but practice adding a positive spin. For example, if a colleague asks you how business has been and it honestly hasn’t been good, you might say something like, “Oh, it could be better. I’m searching for a tax advisor to help me find solutions.”

​Positivity attracts positive people, relationships, and things to you and helps you develop a genuinely positive attitude. That attitude will help you find solutions to your problems. You’ll sooner discover what you can do instead of what you can’t.


Express Emotion

Put some emotion in what you’re saying. Emphasize words and create meaning with a few gestures periodically. Show facial expressions that appropriately match what the person talking to you is saying.

Yes, you can use your hands to gesture while you talk. Some of the world’s most magnetic public speakers emphasized meaning through gestures. It only goes wrong if your hands are flailing around without helping get your message across.

Break up the monotony by emphasizing some words every now and again. Take the following sentence change, for example:

Original: “Ms. Jones, How are you?”

With emphasis: “Ms. JONES. How ARE you?”

​The trick is to practice not overdoing any of these but providing the right touch.


Keep It Brief

Mr. and Miss Popularity from high school likely didn’t droll on and on when chatting with friends. Just like them, you should remember that conversation is a two-way street. It’s best to give your listeners a chance to chime in, or they’ll lose interest.

​If you allow them to engage in conversation and they don’t, consider changing the subject to something that might be more appealing to them. Initiate a conversation change by asking them a question about themselves.


Be Active

Activity creates interest and intrigue. People want to learn more about you and what you have going on.

​Don’t settle for comfort. Magnetic people aren’t plopped in front of their TVs or scrolling through social media. They are high-achievers who pursue goals. They join mastermind groups and entrepreneurship book clubs. They attract other high-achievers in their journeys, and you will, too.


Magnetism is Power

When you cultivate magnetism, you harness a power that brings other magnetic people into your inner circle. Positive, goal-pursuing, high-achievers feed off each other, growing and attracting more good things.

​Some people were born with a magnetic ability. For everyone else, it’s completely learnable. Check out resources on mindset and success if you need more help. Everyone can harness the power of magnetism, and there’s plenty of that power for everyone–it never runs out.


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