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How To Think About LUCK 🍀

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

“...opportunity is there all the time.”

As I mentioned yesterday, Earl Nightingale built quite an amazing life for himself starting from nothing.

But he was determined to share his secret to success with as many people as possible.

Which you probably know can be difficult 😅

In my own life I’ve had so many people ask me, “Russell, how have you built this amazing life with these businesses and had such a big impact?”

And it’s always a little hard to answer…

…because the truth is that I feel lucky.

Lucky that I met my business partners when I did… lucky that I’m surrounded by some of the smartest people in the world… lucky that my parents raised me the way they did…

And it’d be easy to assume that it’s ALL just luck.

But that’d also be dishonest…

For anyone who’s successful, luck isn’t the only part of the equation.

Because there’s a subtle but very important distinction between having luck… and grasping luck.

Everyone gets a certain amount of opportunity — the average person gets an average amount — but what’s important is how prepared they are when that opportunity arrives.

Earl Nightingale said: “Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity…”

Then he said this: “...and opportunity is there all the time.”

You see, a lot of people attribute their lack of achievement to a lack of opportunity… when it’s actually just because of a lack of these three things…

→ Focus

→ Desire

→ Preparedness

You’ve got to dream. Clearly. You’ve got to know exactly what you want.

Then you’ve got to desire it more than anything else — particularly more than any habits or attachments that are directly contradictory.

And finally, you’ve got to become a constant learner.

Chances are… you’re already surrounded by ALL the opportunities you need to make your dreams a reality…

You just have to begin the work of preparing yourself for those opportunities so that you can recognize them… and grasp them.

- Russell Brunson

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"Test-Drive 'Secrets Of Success' For 30 Days Completely FREE, And Get This Gift, Just For Saying Maybe!"


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