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Security Is An Illusion 😵‍💫

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Wednesday, March 06, 2024

It doesn’t exist.

If there’s one thing the young Earl Nightingale was familiar with, it was hardship — he lived through the great depression, grew up without a father, and even survived the attack on Pearl Harbor.

He learned firsthand that “security” is an illusion.

Here’s how he put it…

"It’s best that you get rid of that terrible word: security…

There’s no such thing as security as long as you’re alive. Dead, you’re secure. Unborn, you’re secure.

If you’re alive, you’re the very epitome of insecurity.

Think about it — you’re on a small planet hurtling through space at about a million miles per hour. The dinosaurs were here for millions of years… and they were extinguished in a matter of weeks.

Security… nah, there’s no such thing. But there’s opportunity. There’s joy. There’s love. There are all kinds of wonderful things to do and see and experience."

So many people go through life just trying to build security for themselves — saving for retirement… waiting for their next paycheck… worrying about expenses…

That’s all fine in moderation.

The problem is…

"When it comes to setting goals for ourselves, we tend to play things outrageously safe. And thus remain within limits embarrassingly small."

We spend so much time building an illusion of security that we forget to actually do things we care about and would be excited to do… like building a business or writing a book or having an impact…

Here’s the question Earl Nightingale asks…

"If we have just that little time to live, who would want to spend it tip-toeing through life just to make it safely to death?"

Instead — ask yourself this all-important question:

"What do I want to do with the little bit of time that I have?"

That’s the only question that really matters 🙂

- Russell Brunson

P.S. This bit of inspiration comes from Earl Nightingale’s audio program, Secret Advantage. You can get access to all 71 recordings if you’re a Secrets of Success member. Join today!

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"Test-Drive 'Secrets Of Success' For 30 Days Completely FREE, And Get This Gift, Just For Saying Maybe!"


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