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Stop Selling Peanuts 🥜

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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

You’re capable of far more than selling peanuts.

At the very beginning of Napoleon Hill’s book set, The Laws of Success, he writes about a man selling peanuts…

"On the street corner just opposite the room in which I am writing, I see a man who stands there all day long and sells peanuts. He is busy every minute. When not actually engaged in making a sale, he is roasting and packing the peanuts in little bags."

It might sound like an odd place to start.

But here’s Hill’s point…

"He is one of the great army of people who have no definite purpose in life. He’s selling peanuts not because he likes the work better than anything else he might do, but because he never sat down and thought out a definite purpose that would bring him greater returns for his labor. He’s selling peanuts because he’s a drifter on the sea of life."

This man represents 95% of people.

They work — and they do their work well — but they do work that they don’t particularly care about.


For one really simple reason… because they’ve never taken the time to sit down and get really clear on what they want out of life — to identify their definite purpose.

And here’s the real tragedy, as Napoleon Hill puts it…

"One of the tragedies of his work is the fact that the same amount of effort he puts into it, if directed along other lines, would bring him much greater returns. Another one of the tragedies of this man’s work is the fact that he is unconsciously making use of the principle of self-suggestion. But he is doing it to his own disadvantage. No doubt if a picture could be made of his thoughts there would be nothing in that picture except a peanut roaster, some little paper bags, and a crowd of people buying peanuts."

We all have the remarkable ability to create the lives we want.

You could be a world-renown public speaker… or a bestselling author… or a billionaire… or a successful entrepreneur…

You can be anything you want to be!

But too often… we settle for selling peanuts.

"This man could get out of the peanut business if he had the vision and the ambition to first imagine himself in a more profitable calling. And the perseverance to hold the picture before his mind until it influenced him to take the necessary steps to enter a more profitable calling. He’d put sufficient labor into his work to bring him a substantial return if the labors were dictated toward the attainment of a definite purpose that offered bigger returns."

Most of us underestimate what we could accomplish if we had a clear vision… and fully believed that vision for our lives to be possible.

It’s like Tony Robbins said: “People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals - that is, goals that do not inspire them.”

You’re capable of far more than selling peanuts.

You’ve just got to dream bigger 🙂

- Russell Brunson

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"Test-Drive 'Secrets Of Success' For 30 Days Completely FREE, And Get This Gift, Just For Saying Maybe!"


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