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The Power Of Attitude And An Attitude Of Power

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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Attitudes can make or break you.

Our thoughts influence our attitudes. Attitudes shape our actions. Those actions, then, affect our results.

A positive attitude builds a strong, healthy mind, which produces resiliency. With that, we can remain flexible so that we bend but don’t break when obstacles come our way. And they will come our way.

A positive mindset isn’t just a nice to have. It’s a must-have, a game-changer that means the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

We have little-to-no influence over external forces. However, our attitude is always a choice. You have the power to redirect your attitude to steer yourself towards success.


Become Aware

A little bit of “know thyself” goes a long way here. When faced with hardships, take a personal inventory of your emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Even when things go your way, do you tend to stress about the future instead of enjoying the moment? Self-reflect to boost your awareness of your thoughts.


Fixating on negative thoughts depletes your energy–your body thinks it’s fighting a constant battle. It can make you the kind of grumpy person others avoid.

When gratitude enters the mind, negative thoughts leave it. Devoting time to acknowledge the good gives your brain and body a break from the fight. Journaling things you’re thankful for each day helps you dedicate time to rest and restore your body from its fight-or-flight response.


Be Your Own Cheerleader

Where your mind goes, your energy follows. Negative thoughts bleed into negative actions. Successful people either automatically or deliberately push aside pessimistic sentiments to find a silver lining. They look beyond what they can’t control to focus on what they can.

Negative attitudes are unproductive at best and downright destructive at worst. Learn to reprogram those negative thoughts and shift your focus to what you can do to keep yourself moving forward.

Develop your own inner cheerleader. Tell yourself you can do it when the odds seem against you. It takes practice but gets you results.


Establish Incentives

There is a motivator or two that calls you to action. Something inspires and drives you. It’s your ‘why.’ Connecting to it will keep you motivated.

So, what incentivizes you to keep reaching for your goal? Is it financial stability? The ability to put action to your dream?

Recalling your ‘why’ will shift your vision towards constructive and productive actions. This encouragement that comes from within is called intrinsic motivation.


Go Deeper With Your Incentives

Once you connect or reconnect with the unique reasons you’re doing what you’re doing, go deeper with it.

We’re all artists creating the masterpiece of a lifetime. What is your art about?

Did you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and want to give others hope and encouragement when they hear your story? Do you want to make enough money to help out a favorite charity?

You have the chance to positively impact others. What will you do with that power? That is your purpose. And purpose drives a positive attitude.


Set Small Goals

Any journey is paved with small steps before the final ending point. The same is true for the path to achieving any goal you set.

Establish benchmarks or standards along the way to your final destination. You will feel accomplished as you reach these stepping stones and gain satisfaction in celebrating little achievements here and there. It also keeps you forward-focused.


Push Back Negative Thoughts

“Fear is faith in the wrong ‘What if…’”

Recognize negative thoughts and prevent them from taking over. Tell yourself that the frightening scenario in your head isn’t actually playing out in real life. Focus on solutions instead of problems, and you’ll find those anxious feelings beginning to fade.


Good Influences

We become like the people we surround ourselves with. Make your tribe of people the best you can find.

From friends and family to mentors and colleagues, seek those who have gotten where you want to be. Spend time with inspirational, kind, happy people. They’ll start to rub off on you.

Listen to podcasts and read books that are motivational and inspirational.


Nothing Is Perfect

Life carries on. You’ll have ups and downs. Setbacks are guaranteed. The only way you fail is if you give up.

Once you accept that disappointments and obstacles are natural, you can better deal with them. Challenges are part of the journey and can even improve your results if you’re willing to find the lessons in them.


Be A Friend

You can be the kind of person others like being around, or you can be someone they regret meeting. Which do you choose? Your actions can either draw the right people to you or repel them.

Be excited to pursue your dream. Love life. It will motivate, inspire, and attract others. You’ll make and improve your social connections. Plus, your winning attitude will catch on.

No man is an island. We need each other because no path to success was ever paved alone. You're going to need to receive and give help along the way.


The Benefits Of A Good Attitude

Our thoughts have the power to keep us moving around obstacles to achieve our goals. We can bend and flex to turn our dreams into reality. With eyes wide open, we can even pivot to create new, unique works we never imagined.

A good attitude puts a pep in your step and a glow on your face. Your demeanor and pleasantness will draw people in. The connections and friendships you attract will help you in all aspects of your life and business. You will become the person who gets things done. Your attitude will be contagious. As a bonus, you’ll be your most successful self.

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