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THINKING Is A Lot Like Breathing…

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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

… it’s a skill that we can get better at!

There’s been a lot of great new science on breathing over the last decade and how it impacts your health. Which is funny to me… because most of us don't think much about our breathing.

We just do it.

But did you know you’re supposed to breathe entirely through your nose? Or that you can use your breathing to activate your nervous system in different ways?

There are all these amazing things we can do with our breath if we just bring a bit of awareness to it and control it with intention!

Thinking is the same.

We don’t think about thinking… we just do it.

But just like everything else — how we eat, how we breathe, how we move — there are constructive ways to think… and destructive ways.

​I was reminded of this when I read the following passage from Robert Collier in his book, The Secret of The Ages…

"Don’t go out a-seeking of wealth. Look within you for ideas! ‘The Kingdom of God is within you.’ Use it—purposefully! Use it to THINK constructively. Don’t say you are thinking when all you are doing is exercising your faculty of memory. As Dumont say in ‘The Master Mind’— ‘They are simply allowing the stream of memory to flow through their field of consciousness, while the Ego stands on the banks and idly watches the passing waters of memory flow by. They call this ‘thinking,’ while in reality there is no process of Thought under way.’

You have got to think—to think constructively—to seek how you may discover new worlds, new methods, new needs. The greatest discoveries, you know, have arisen out of things which everybody had seen, but only one man had NOTICED. The biggest fortunes have been made out of the opportunities which many men had, but only one man GRASPED."

A great thinker is someone who seeks solutions instead of problems… who is grateful instead of spiteful… who imagines more instead of less

And that’s a skill I believe anyone can learn 🙂

It just takes practice controlling and using your most powerful asset… your thoughts!

- Russell Brunson

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