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Unbelievable Myths 🧐 of The Master-Key System

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Thursday, November 23, 2023

It’s rumored that Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard after reading The Master-Key… and then became the richest man in the world.

What is it that turns a good book into a legendary book?

I think I know what.

It’s when people start referencing the book as part of some kind of timeless wisdom.

Think of Harry Potter…

I’m pretty sure every first-time author has someone tell them: “Don’t give up! Don’t you know that JK Rowling had Harry Potter rejected loads of times by publishers before someone agreed to take her on?”

It’s exactly the same with The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel.

Now, I can’t verify all of the crazy claims below

But the fact I’ve heard them so much tells you a lot about the power of The Master Key System:

  • Bill Gates – It’s rumored that Bill Gates read The Master Key System while at Harvard. He loved it so much he dropped out and went on to build Microsoft.
  • Book banned – A lot of people swear The Master Key System was so popular that the Catholic Church banned it in the 1930s – even though Haanel founded his principles on faith in Christ.
  • Crazy pricing – Many believe The Master Key system was only sold for $1,000 when it launched – a crazy price back in the 1920s – and that it made its readers more wealthy than any other book on the planet.
  • Terry Crews reads it once a month – Supposedly the actor Terry Crews is one of Haanel’s biggest fans!

It’s hard to prove these claims…

Except for the Terry Crews myth because it’s recorded in an interview with Tim Ferris:

"I have read hundreds of personal development books, but The Master Key System is the one that clearly showed me how to visualize, contemplate, and focus on what I truly wanted. It revealed to me that we only get what we desire most, and to apply myself with a laserlike focus upon a goal, task or project. That in order to 'have', you must 'do', and in order to 'do', you must 'be' - and this process is immediate. [...] I also reread it probably once a month to keep my vision clear".

I’ve been reading The Master Key System lately and it’s so powerful.

You get a lesson at the end of each chapter and you’re supposed to put into practice each concept you learn before moving forwards.

So few personal development books are like The Master Key System, even today!

Here’s a couple of the exercises you have to practice as you go through it:

  • ​Sitting still
  • ​Letting go of all negative emotions combined with previous exercises
  • ​Visualizing a flower growing from seed
  • ​Focusing on the object of your desire
  • ​Total concentration on what you want
  • ​Contemplating the fact that man is a spirit with a body
  • ​Realizing that this is a wonderful world

But these exercises are just a tiny part of the deep wisdom contained within the book.

Want to access the whole 24 lessons in The Master-Key System?👇👇👇

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Talk soon,
Russell Brunson

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"Test-Drive 'Secrets Of Success' For 30 Days Completely FREE, And Get This Gift, Just For Saying Maybe!"


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