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5 Practices for Self-Improvement Through Spiritual Self-Care

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Thursday, April 11, 2024

How do you define health?

Many describe health in terms of their body or mental state. Some might even speak of financial wellness.

​Spiritual health often gets overlooked, but it’s the core of all other aspects. Physical, mental, and financial aspects of your life can suffer when your mind, body, and soul are out of tune with one another.


Benefiting from Spiritual Self-Care

Caring for your spiritual self means focusing your mind on things of the spirit because where the mind goes, energy flows. That awareness–the gentle shift in focus–turns you from your troublesome ego and greedy desires (Don’t worry, that’s a part of all of us) to eternal things.

You begin recognizing what brings true value to your life. That recognition awakens a journey into aligning your virtuous values with virtuous actions.

You open your pathway to true satisfaction–your authentic route to pure happiness.

​What else is in store for those who conscientiously care for their spiritual selves? Awakening your spiritual journey can:

  • Boost your health
  • ​Strengthen your intuition
  • ​Improve your relationships and connections with others and self
  • ​Reduce feelings of loneliness or isolation
  • ​Bring clarity to what makes you genuinely happy
  • ​Produce inner peace

Ready to get started reaping the rewards of spiritual self-care? We have some ideas for creating or deepening your journey.

​Spiritual self-care is unique for every individual. Experiment with our advice, taking what suits you and leaving the rest.


Understand Spiritual Self-Care

Before we get into the different practices, it helps to understand spiritual self-care–what it means and how it can look.

Spiritual self-care involves activities that connect you to the higher power you believe in. In author Robert Collier’s book, “The Secret of the Ages,” he referred to this as the Universal Mind. Universal Mind is a generic name or a placeholder for whatever you call your higher power.

For many people, activities to connect them to their souls are intuitive or ingrained. Their religious or cultural practices taught them ways.

Others might find connecting to spirit foreign and need guidance. Not to worry–practicing several different methods of spiritual self-care will help you discover what’s right for you.

That’s what it’s all about–finding the practice that is well with your soul. Whether you are new to tuning into your soul’s needs or struggling to believe in a higher power, we can all care for ourselves on a deeper level.

​We all can benefit from digging below the surface, past our egos and selfish wants. We’ll discover our true purpose and calmness through understanding and practice. Here are five spiritual self-care practices that can aid your self-improvement journey:


1. Meditate

Meditation shuts out worldly noise, reduces stress, and provides clarity. While it takes practice and patience, it costs nothing and is easily accessible to everyone.

Access your inner self. Uncover the deepest desires of your soul. Only then can you start to live in alignment with it.

Some have misconceptions about meditation. You don’t have to train your brain to focus on nothingness for a half hour. It’s not about ‘om’-ing, either. Instead, it’s about creating attention and presence.

​Meditation comes in many different packages. Free online meditation tools can help you find what works best for you. You can meditate five minutes a day or work towards longer sessions.


2. Journal

Work through limiting beliefs and emotions by writing. There are two different ways of journaling:

  • Write conscientiously according to a daily prompt (ex., gratitude journaling).
  • Write without thinking about it (free-writing) to connect to your subconscious and reveal your soul’s expression.​​

Writing is a great way to connect to your inner self and intuition. It can help you uncover solutions to dilemmas and allow you to hear and honor your soul’s needs.


3. Get in Nature

We are meant to be connected to the earth we live on. It completes us, reinvigorates and re-energizes us, and helps us see the bigger picture.

Our industrious lifestyles can cut us off from nature, though. We pass it by as we hustle to and from the office on a daily basis, but we need more of it.

Mindfully getting out in nature helps us to derive more from the interaction. Strive to intentionally get outside at least once a day. Stop and appreciate its effects on your five senses when you do.

​Take a walk or a hike. Give forest bathing a go. Stick your feet in the dirt or sand. Garden. Sit on the grass. Take in nature’s bounty.


4. Socialize

We are social creatures–even the most introverted of us. We need relationships and connections.

Some of us have been burned and scarred by others, making socialization mentally and physically challenging. This is when we must persevere and consistently get out of our comfort zones.

​Use your hobbies, interests, or online resources as a starting point for finding a tribe. Human beings can be messy, but building relationships will be worth it.


5. Seek More Knowledge

Spiritual self-care is about focusing your mindset in a positive and holistic direction. Strive to learn a little more about spiritual self-care each year.

​Read focus mindset books. Take courses that connect with your soul. Listen to podcasts or watch videos on it. Follow social media influencers. Foster a closer relationship with a spiritual guide in your tribe. Do what it takes to stay consistent with practicing spiritual self-care.


Time to Give it a Go

You can begin exploring and connecting to your true self with effort and discipline. Try any number of ideas from our list.

​Try another practice if one doesn’t do much for you after several attempts. There’s no right or wrong path on this personal journey. Staying true to yourself and experiencing a deeper connection to your inner being is most important.


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