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5 Secrets Of The Ages!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

These are five of my favorite quote from Robert Collier!

We’ve been talking about one of my favorite authors recently, Robert Collier.

And we’re going to be going through his book, The Secret of The Ages, for our February book club!

But color me excited 😅

Because I thought I’d share five of my favorite lessons and quotes from that book with you today!

Here they are…​

Lesson #1: Going The Limit

"It is the truth—the principle of giving and receiving—only there are few men who go the limit on it. But going the limit is the way to unlimited returns! [...] Suppose you believe in this idea—and suppose you should start giving it out the idea itself tactfully, wisely and living it yourself in your organization. How long do you think it will be before you are a power in that organization recognized as such and getting pay as such?"

Lesson #2: Attracting The Same Caliber

"Like attracts like in the universal ether, and the thoughts that you are thinking and visualizing day by day are being imprinted upon this sensitive plate and these thoughts that we have started in the universal ether will go forth until they come to a mental receiving station of the same caliber. 'Birds of a feather flock together' and minds of like thinking are attracted one to the other."

Lesson #3: Your Thoughts Are the Cause

"Your thoughts are the causes. The only way you can change the effect is by first changing the cause. People live in poverty and want because they are so wrapped up in their sufferings that they give out thoughts only of lack and sorrow."

Lesson #4: The Greatness of Giving

"It matters not how small your service—using it will make it greater. [...] Remember the parable of the talents. You know what happened to the man who went off and hid his talent whereas those who made use of theirs were given charge over many things. That parable it has always seemed to me expresses the whole law of life. The only right is to use all the forces of good. The only wrong is to neglect or to abuse them."

Quote #5: Thinking in Abundance

"It is just as easy to think in terms of abundance, opulence, and prosperity as it is to think in terms of lack, limitation, and poverty. If a man will raise his rate of vibration by faith currents or hope currents, these vibrations go through the Universal Mind and lodge in the consciousness of people who are keyed to the same tune. Whatever you think is sometime somewhere received by a person who is tuned to your thought key."

Talk soon,
Russell Brunson

P.S. If you want to go through the book with us in February, you can try out the community for free here!

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