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Every “Thought” Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction…

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Monday, January 01, 2024

Using Newton’s third law… but for personal growth!

You are probably familiar with Newton’s third law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

It’s easy to understand that in the physical world.

If I push on a ball, the ball moves.

But the same law exists in the realm of our thoughts.

Elsie Lincoln Benedict — the author I’ve been talking about a TON recently — explained thoughts and feelings like a cannon in her book, How To Get Anything You Want

"You will get a better idea of just how these moods build the realities of your life if you will think of yourself as owning a very powerful cannon. This is your own subconscious mind. Now this cannon is different from any you ever saw in real life in that it is constructed on the boomerang principle. Every shot fired from this queer piece of artillery comes back to you AND IT DOESN’T COME BACK ALONE. It returns to your feet LADEN WITH RESULTS, REALITIES, ACTUAL OCCURRENCES."

And this happens whether we like it or not.

We might even be aiming our “thought cannon” in a direction we DON’T actually want to go…

The cannon fires and brings us results we don’t like… and maybe we even ignore that it was a direct result of our own thoughts and feelings (and thus actions)!

The goal is to keep your feelings, thoughts, and actions in check — so that they all work together to move you where you want to go…

"The force that turns your subconscious cannon toward the desirable or undesirable is the INNER FEELING you maintain concerning what You want. If you build up a constructive mood your inner forces are turned TOWARD what you desire. If you keep up this mood nothing on earth can prevent your eventually getting that thing or something better along the same line."


And nothing can stop you :)

Talk soon,

P.S. Check out the 3-day challenge we created over here to help you “get anything you want”!

How To Get Anything You Want 3-Day Challenge

"Join Us For The FREE
'How To Get Anything You Want' 3-Day Challenge"

"Join Us For The FREE
'How To Get Anything You Want' 3-Day Challenge"


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