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Failure Is Just Food For Growth…

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Thursday, January 04, 2024

This is how you should think about your failures!

Failure is a funny thing.

A lot of times we think of it as evidence of our inadequacy — or evidence that we should stop doing what we set out to do.

But that’s wrong.

Failure is just feedback.

Or food ;)

That’s how Elsie Lincoln Benedict explains it in her book, How To Get Anything You Want. Here’s what she says…

"Extract the LESSON from your past experiences and then drop them. Use them just as you would food. Eat them, digest them while you go about your business; grow strong on them and face the future. We CAN grow strong on our very defeats and failures if we will but look upon them as so many school books which we had to master before we could be ready for the next higher grade. But we are through with them when the lesson is learned and they should be discarded when they have served their purpose just as your old school books are."

In other words, USE your failures to grow.

And then forget about them.

Failures are the stepping stones to success. They provide the feedback you need to BE successful. Learn from them. Then move on from them.

That’s the only way to “get anything you want” ;)

Talk soon!
Russell Brunson

By the way, here’s a 3-day challenge that will change your life!

How To Get Anything You Want 3-Day Challenge

"Join Us For The FREE
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"Join Us For The FREE
'How To Get Anything You Want' 3-Day Challenge"


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