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Here’s The Problem With Your Fail-safe Thoughts…

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Thursday, January 25, 2024

What if [INSERT WORRY]???

How often do you think about failure?

Most of the time we don’t think about it directly… but indirectly. We create a plan B. We always make sure we have an escape route. And we end up spending more energy preparing for the possibility of failure… then we do preparing for the possibility of success!

What if that’s the wrong way to go about it?

Robert Collier wrote the following in his book, The Secret of The Ages.

"What is the reason for most failures in life? The fact that they first thought failure. They allowed competition, hard times, fear and worry to undermine their confidence. Instead of working aggressively ahead, spending money to make more money, they stopped every possible outlay, tried to “play safe”...

The successful man has no time to think of failure. He is too busy thinking up new ways to succeed. You can’t pour water into a vessel already full."

A lot of times we struggle to minimize our fail-safe thoughts…

             What if [INSERT WORRY]???

But what if you became SO BUSY in your mind thinking of solutions, of ways to grow, of possibilities and opportunities, that you simply had NO TIME for the plan Bs, Cs, and Ds?

What if you focused, instead, on driving toward success… rather than trying to avoid failure?

I bet…

…it’d be a game-changer 🙂

- Russell Brunson

​P.S. We’re working through The Secrets of The Ages in our book club in February. If you’re not already a member, what are you waiting for!

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Join Us For The 'Secret
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