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How To Make Money Flow Freely

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Monday, January 22, 2024

Sometimes all it takes is a tiny idea to make money come to you. So long as that tiny idea solves an important need for someone else!

I want to share with you the most powerful passage in Robert Collier’s book The Secret of the Ages.

If you’re currently struggling after money…this will change your life.

But first, I got to tell you a quick story to drive the message home.


Okay, picture this.

Imagine you’ve been grinding hard for 14 long years. Far from people who love you. Hustling. All you want is a better future – one with more money in it. And then finally you’re handed what you’ve been craving all this time.

You get a stable income that covers all your needs and then some.

But as soon as you get this cushy job you quit and start giving your money away to a bunch of people in an even worse financial position than you…

…and you become richer than you could EVER imagine.

Wait, what?

Stick with me a moment!

I’ve just told you the watered-down story of a man you’ve never heard of from a country called Bangladesh. He was born into poverty and was one of 9 siblings. He went away to study for 14 years and came back to Bangladesh with a government job that gave an unimaginable quality of life for someone from his position…

And he gave it all up for this insane idea he had.

That’s right.

This guy is called Muhammad Yusuf and in 1971 he dedicated his life to helping poor people out with micro loans that didn’t have a crazy interest rate. The first time he tried it he loaned out $27 to 42 people and asked them to pay him back with $0.02 interest tops.

A ridiculous money-making scheme, right?

What kind of business is that?

Fast forward a couple years and Yunus’ ideas led to more than $6.4 billion in microloans given to 7.4 million in over 100 countries – including in the United States. The loans have literally lifted people out of poverty by giving the cash injection they needed to start a business, buy materials, and feed their families.

Turns out this tiny idea solved a huge problem.

That’s why in 2006 Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

Why am I telling you this?

I knew this amazing piece of wisdom from Robert Collier’s book The Secret of the Ages wouldn’t hit you that hard unless I introduced it with some kind of extreme example.

It would just be cliché otherwise.

Okay…so anyway. Here’s that passage:​

"Realize that it is not money you have to seek, but a way to use money for the world’s advantage. Find the need! Look at everything with the question—How could that be improved? To what new uses could this be put? Then set about supplying that need, in the absolute confidence that when you have found the way, money will flow freely to and through you."

Trust me, I know what it’s like to really need money to feed a family – and fast.

I know how hard you’re working. I know how much you’re giving. I just think a lot of people forget the more you focus on the results of what you’re doing first – even if it’s a microloan with a microimpact – the quicker that money will start flowing to you.

That’s the wisdom for you today.

Sometimes all it takes is one tiny idea.

So long as that tiny idea solves an important need for someone else!

Talk soon,
Russell Brunson

​P.S. This February we’re launching a book club to study in detail all the wisdom in Robert Collier’s book The Secret of the Ages. If you want in, don’t forget you can try out the community for free over here!

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