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Right When You Feel Like Quitting…

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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

…you’re almost there.

Have you ever heard this saying: when you feel like quitting most is when you’re most close to success?

It’s sort of like this diamond miner…


I’ve found this to be very true in my own life. When I feel the most frustrated or discouraged… it’s when I lean in just one more time that my biggest breakthroughs have happened.

Maybe that’s where you’re at.

Frustrated and discouraged.

But what if you lean in JUST ONE MORE TIME? 🙂

I know it might feel like you haven’t got anything more in the tank… but look deeper and you’ll find reserves you didn’t know existed. Here’s how Robert Collier put it in The Secret of The Ages…

"HAVE you ever run a race, or worked at utmost capacity for a protracted period, or swum a great distance? Remember how, soon after starting, you began to feel tired? Remember how, before you had gone any great distance, you thought you had reached your limit? But remember, too, how, when you kept on going, you got your second wind, your tiredness vanished, your muscles throbbed with energy, you felt literally charged with speed and endurance?

Stored in every human being are great reserves of energy of which the average individual knows nothing. Most people are like a man who drives a car in low gear, not knowing that by the simple shift of a lever he can set it in high and not merely speed up the car, but do it with far less expenditure of power…

There is abundance for everyone. But just as you must strain and labor to reach the resources of your ‘second wind,’ just so you must strive before you can make manifest the law of supply in nature."

Just a little bit more…

"The world belongs to you. It is your estate. It owes you not merely a living, but everything of good you may desire. You’ve got to demand these things of it, though. You’ve got to fear naught, dread naught, stop at naught. You’ve got to have the faith of a Columbus, crossing an unknown sea, holding a mutinous crew to the task long after they had ceased to believe in themselves or in him—and giving to the world a new hemisphere. You’ve got to have the faith of a Washington—defeated, discredited, almost wholly deserted by his followers, yet holding steadfast in spite of all—and giving to America a new liberty. You’ve got to dominate—not to cringe. You’ve got to make the application of the law of supply."

Lean in. Catch your second wind. Your biggest breakthroughs — even if they’re not what you expect — will happen when you dig the deepest.

Keep going 🙂

- Russell Brunson

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