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You’re SO MUCH Closer Than You Thought!

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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

If you were waiting for the answer, today I’m going to share the core teaching from How to Get Anything You Want with you.

Yesterday I was telling you about this self-development book from the 1920s that I was ready to spend $50,000 on.

Today, I’m going to share its core teaching with you.

But I’ve got to tell you about this period between 1850 and 1950 when writers like Elsie Lincoln Benedict came across something amazing.

It’s called the ‘New Thought’ era.

And it was the first time people started to realize that achieving success had more to do with your MINDSET than anything else.

That’s right:

  • ​Success has little to do with having a wealthy family
  • ​Success has little to do with a college education
  • ​Success has little to do with failures you’ve experienced up until now

Elsie Lincoln Benedict taught that success is related to your ‘predominant moods’.

Sounds a little weird, right?

But it’s something that very few people are ready to accept. Here’s how Elsie Lincoln Benedict talks about it in her book How to Get Anything You Want:

"The person who is constantly meeting unhappiness, poverty, disease and failure in his life is creating these things for himself."

I know what it’s like to have the bank knocking at the door, have friends give up on me and feel like the world is working against my goals.

So I understand if you’re thinking like, ‘Russell, it’s not my fault!’

But hear me out.

If you read my email yesterday, I told you this saying about a man who’s traveling to Chicago but going completely the wrong way.

It feels like Chicago is 25,000 miles away.

But it’s a mile and half BEHIND him!

I know exactly what it’s like for my ‘predominant mood’ about something to be so negative that I want to up and quit.

And I also know that as soon as I win my faith back…I suddenly find ways to get past whatever obstacle was in my way.

It’s an amazing transformation.

And it’s all from the choice we have at any moment:

  • ​To keep a hopeless predominant mood
  • ​To keep a hopeful predominant mood

And let me tell you… no one ever became successful without hanging on to hope even while everything came crashing down around them.

I want to share the EXACT steps to help turn your ‘predominant moods’ around.

Look out for it in tomorrow’s email!

Talk soon,
Russell Brunson

P.S. Come join us for the ​FREE 3-Day Challenge where I'll share "How To Get Anything You Want" based on this lost book set by Elsie Lincoln Benedict.

How To Get Anything You Want 3-Day Challenge

"Join Us For The FREE
'How To Get Anything You Want' 3-Day Challenge"

"Join Us For The FREE
'How To Get Anything You Want' 3-Day Challenge"


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