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These ‘7 Rules’ Are Game Changing!

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Tuesday, January 09, 2024

I found them in a 100-year-old book by Elsie Lincoln Benedict, but they’re more powerful than ANYTHING I’ve read from present day gurus.

Yesterday I told you how Elsie Lincoln Benedict helped a distracted office worker find his calling in life…and become wealthier than he ever imagined!

You and I both know there’s more to this.

You can’t just quit your job and – ta da! – you’re a millionaire.

So what’s the missing piece?

If you know a little about Elsie Lincoln Benedict then you know what the answer is: your subconscious mind.

In this final chapter of her book “How to Get Anything You Want” she writes down 20 rules to get your subconscious mind to help you be successful in your work.

All of them are amazing.

But here’s 7 of my favorites for you to read right away:

Discover Your ‘High Tides’:

"Study yourself…and take advantage of all these “high tides” that come within yourself…each individual should study his own reactions with a view to availing himself of the constructive and of rising above the destructive."

Watch Your Thoughts:

"To build a web that shall draw unto you the things you desire, the first thing you must do is WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS! Too many people think to themselves, “I will DO such and such a thing, but I’ll THINK what I please about it,” never realizing that this secret attitude has a drawing power in it."

Brick in the Wall:

"Recognize every thought as a “brick in the wall” of our life structure and select your thoughts as you would the separate bricks to be used in the building of an actual wall around your home…When people ‘go under’, ‘give up in despair’, ‘lose their grip’ or go ‘down and out’ it is because they unknowingly built so many weak bricks into their wall that it crumbled when the pressure came."

Focus on Only What You Want:

"Suggest to yourself only THOSE THINGS YOU WANT TO HAPPEN. Never think about, talk about or act out the ones you do NOT want."

Stop Hurting Your Own Progress:

"Never use self-suggestion to your own disadvantage…Just remember unpleasant things are INSIGNIFICANT except as YOU give them power over you, and that when you do so it is YOU, not these things, that harms you."

Take Everything as a Lesson:

"Extract the LESSON which every unhappy thing brought you (and be sure it brought at least one), then let it PASS OUT OF YOUR MIND."

Don’t Get Caught in Regret:

"In order to obtain the fullest co-operation of your subconscious for any achievement you must not shackle it with regrets…we CAN grow strong on our very defeats and failures if we will but look upon them as so many school books which we had to master before we could be ready for the next higher grade."

There’s power in these rules, right?

If you’re anything like me…then you’re probably trying to piece this information together into a single phrase or idea to remind yourself of.

You don’t want to forget what you’ve seen.

You want to put it into practice RIGHT NOW!

If that’s what you’re feeling, then hold that urge for a minute.

Tomorrow I’m going to share one passage from “How to Get Anything You Want” that will make it all crystal clear for you.

Look out for the email!

- Russell

P.S. And don’t forget! If you want to absorb more Elsie Lincoln Benedict wisdom as soon as possible… I’ve prepared an incredible 3-day challenge for you right here.

How To Get Anything You Want 3-Day Challenge

"Join Us For The FREE
'How To Get Anything You Want' 3-Day Challenge"

"Join Us For The FREE
'How To Get Anything You Want' 3-Day Challenge"


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