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Who Was Elsie Lincoln Benedict & Why Should You Care?

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Friday, January 12, 2024

Looking to find out about Elsie Lincoln Benedict? Discover her life story, core teachings and famous books in this post. Includes 10 famous Elsie Lincoln Benedict quotes!

Picture this: after reading one blogpost you’ll never see your struggles in the same way again.

In fact, you’ll be excited to face new challenges.

And it’s not because of a superpower that few people have. It’s because of something Elsie Lincoln Benedict calls a ‘new human science’ that helps you train your own mind to get anything you want out of life.

So, yes…THIS explains why you should care about Elsie Lincoln Benedict.

Of course there’s a lot more to learn from the life of one of America’s greatest ever public speakers, influential suffragist and author of 12 books on personal development.

But if you’re wondering whether Elsie Lincoln Benedict is worth reading up on…then my answer is a definite “YES!”. In fact, I almost spent $50,000 to get the only known original copy of just one of Elsie Lincoln Benedict’s books.

Below, I’ll dive a little more into what gets me SO excited about her.

And one more thing! I’m so passionate about Elsie Lincoln Benedict that I’ve sourced original copies of her books and republished them for modern-day readers. Click here to start reading Elsie Lincoln Benedict for yourself today.


Who Was Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Why is She Famous?

Elsie Lincoln Benedict (1885-1970) was a trailblazer in the personal development industry. She’s definitely one of those ‘before-and-after’ figures who changed everything.

Trust me, you’ll be familiar with Elsie Lincoln Benedict even if you don’t know her name.

Benedict first earned a reputation as a debater during a time when it was rare to see a woman take the public stage.

While getting a law degree at the University of Colorado in Boulder, she became the first woman to join an intercollegiate debate team and won over 12 gold medals in oratory.

In 1913 she became political editor of the Denver Post. But not for long. In 1914 Carrie Chapman Catt (president of the International Suffrage Association) heard about Elsie Lincoln Benedict and recruited her as the spokeswoman for the suffragist movement in New York.

It was a huge deal. Elsie Lincoln Benedict soon became a household name in America.

Newspapers reported on her speeches, like one where an anti-suffragist poured water over her and Benedict shouted: "You can't dampen my enthusiasm in that way!"

After the 19th amendment's ratification (1920) that guaranteed all American women the right to vote, Elsie Lincoln Benedict turned her skills to lecturing on psychology and success.

She became an instant hit.

Her 1920 Human Analysis lecture series in Seattle drew larger crowds than those for President Wilson. When giving her first lecture in Los Angeles more than 1,200 people turned up at a venue fit to hold only 1,000. During the next decade she spoke to over 3 million people and traveled to 56 countries, earning the title of the 'world's best known lecturer'.

Elsie Lincoln Benedict’s greatest legacy is popularizing the law of attraction – this is the core teaching you probably know from the bestselling book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

But if you read Benedict’s books closely, her insight goes beyond the law of attraction to actually training your subconscious mind for success. Isn’t that crazy? She’s definitely the most famous teacher of personal development and empowerment who’s name you’ve never even heard of.


Who Was Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Why is She Famous?

Elsie Lincoln Benedict wrote 19 books in her lifetime and 12 dedicated to personal development. They’re all worth reading (seriously!). But "Brainology" was her last work on self-development and it’s where you’ll find her ideas explained in a really clear and practical way.

Brainology was actually a lecture series that reached over 100,000 students across various U.S. cities. At the request of these students it was finally printed.

Inside it you’ll find one of the most amazing insights: the power of your subconscious.

The book talks about the subconscious mind playing the most influential role in shaping our lives. I’m talking literally. What we think and feel in our subconscious becomes our reality.

And so…training the subconscious is the key to personal transformation. If we can align the subconscious with our goals then nothing can stand in our way. THIS is what gets me most excited about Elsie Lincoln Benedict!

But the book isn’t just theory. It offers practical methods for reprogramming the subconscious through techniques like visualization and positive affirmations. Isn’t that amazing? For one of the first times in history, here was someone saying that anyone can be successful even if they’ve been trying and failing for years.

I guarantee you that using the tools in Brainology will unlock your potential for all the success and happiness you’ve been dreaming of.

But you don’t have to dig through your library or spend hours searching online to find it…

I’ve made Brainology available to anyone who’s interested in becoming a Secrets of Success Member today!

10 Timeless Self-Development Lessons from Elsie Lincoln Benedict

Training your subconscious for success is one of the most important takeaways you’ll get from Elsie Lincoln Benedict.

But there’s so much more!

Even just inside Brainology there are chapters on visualization, on reading other people, on relationships, on health, money, challenges and more. Below I’ve pulled out 10 lessons from Brainology that will show you why you NEED to start reading more Elsie Lincoln Benedict.

Lesson #1: Discovering Your Core Nature

Understanding your ‘dominant type’ is a key insight from Benedict.

Self-awareness of who you are allows you to play to your strengths. For instance, if you're a 'thinker,' focus on tasks that require analytical skills. If you’re a ‘feeler’, focus on tasks that make you feel inspired. If you’re a ‘doer’, then act first and think later. This alignment leads to more effective decision-making and fulfillment in your work.​

Lesson #2: The Art of Reading People

Benedict talks a lot about the fun you can have in reading other people's behavior and motives.

By understanding others' perspectives, you can switch up your approach in negotiations, conversations and networking. You can’t get what you want in life without successfully navigating relationships with others. Enhancing your effectiveness here will open doors to new opportunities you never thought possible.

Lesson #3: The Power of Inspiration

Benedict highlights the role of inspiration in driving growth.

She says you must stay inspired by surrounding yourself with stimulating people and ideas. Constant inspiration fuels creativity and resilience, essential for overcoming obstacles on the path to success.

Lesson #4: Leveraging the Subconscious

The subconscious mind influences our behavior and our reality.

If your subconscious is always brooding on the past or going over everything that makes you anxious…then you’re setting yourself up for more disappointment. Instead, practicing positive affirmations and visualizations can program the subconscious towards success. This is key to getting what you want.

Lesson #5: Growth Through Challenges

Benedict tells you to face challenges head-on.

In fact, she tells you to seek them out. Each challenge is an opportunity to learn, adapt, and enhance your problem-solving skills. You can’t have personal and professional advancement with successfully overcoming challenges.

Lesson #6: The Value of Self-Education

Benedict says that self-education is better than a college education.

Critical thinking and adaptability are key to success. You can’t just be clever on paper. Going after knowledge on your own builds a deeper understanding and helps you apply concepts faster in the real world. It doesn’t matter if your competition have sat more exams than you – if you can think fast and figure things out for yourself, you’ll beat them every time.

Lesson #7: Being Decisive

Decisiveness is important to personal and professional growth.

Hesitation and indecision can be significant barriers to success. Learning to make prompt, well-informed decisions is key to seizing opportunities and maintaining momentum in your pursuit of success.

Lesson #8: Embracing Mental Exercise

You need to constantly work your mind to reach success.

According to Benedict, just as physical exercise strengthens the body, mental exercise is vital for keeping the mind sharp. Engaging in activities that challenge your intellect, like puzzles, strategic games, or learning new skills, ensures mental agility and adaptability.

Lesson #9: The Role of Emotional Intelligence

Everything you want in life will be given to you by other people – that’s why emotional intelligence is so important.

Benedict teaches that emotional intelligence is key to understanding oneself and relating to others. Cultivating empathy, self-awareness, and self-regulation enhances your ability to lead, collaborate, and navigate complex social situations.

Lesson #10: Balancing Life’s Aspects

The subconscious is key, but you won’t get the success you want without balance.

Success isn't solely about professional achievements. It also involves personal fulfillment, healthy relationships and continuous self-improvement. That’s why Brainology has some interesting chapters on sleep, eating and drinking, memory, fatigue and staying young!

What Books Did Elsie Lincoln Benedict Write?

Elsie Lincoln Benedict wrote 19 books during her lifetime.

Some of them were co-authored with her husband, Ralph Benedict. Others were books on her travels, poems and spirituality.

Here’s a list of the 12 books she wrote on personal development and success:

  • Human Analysis (1919)
  • ​ Practical Psychology (1920)
  • ​ How to Analyze People on Sight – The Five Human Types (1921)
  • ​The Development of Personality (1922)
  • ​Unlocking the Subconscious (1922)
  • ​How To Get Anything You Want (1923)
  • ​Scientific Mind Training (1925)
  • ​How to Make More Money (1925)
  • ​Child Training (1926)
  • ​Our Trip Around the World (1926)
  • ​Public Speaking (1927)
  • ​Brainology: Understanding, Developing and Training Your Brain (1928)​

I’ve made some of Elsie Lincoln Benedict’s most influential books available for FREE when you sign up to become a Secrets of Success member.

Click here to get started!

What Are Some Amazing Elsie Lincoln Benedict Quotes?

Below, I’ve picked out for you my top 10 favorite Elsie Lincoln Benedict quotes.

Quote #1: Predominant Moods Create Our Lives

"The moods that PREDOMINATE deep, deep inside our hearts are living, vital forces and they create actualities in our lives which exactly correspond to their own nature."​​

From “How to Get Anything You Want”.

Quote #2: Train the Subconscious

"The greatest step is taken toward what you want when you begin to TRAIN THE SUBCONSCIOUS. To take this step toward what you want, first KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, second, AFFIRM THAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT; third, consciously STUDY toward it; fourth, BEGIN TO DWELL UPON this great thing you want, by letting your inner mind have charge of it."​

From “How to Get Anything You Want”.

Quote #3: Filling Yourself with ‘Success-Thoughts’

"I mean FILLING your subconscious with your desires, FAITHFUL PREPARATION for getting, recognizing, using and capitalizing the thing you want, by faithfully filling your subconscious with expectant, constructive success-thoughts about the particular and specific thing you are interested in."​

From “How to Get Anything You Want”.

Don’t forget – you can read How to Get Anything You Want for free by getting a Secrets of Success membership today!

Quote #4: Be Constantly Inspired

"One of the most common errors of the average unthinking person is failure to appreciate the power and the indispensability of the things, people, ideas, etc., which inspire us. Nothing less than inspiration brings out the best that is in us."​

From “Brainology”.

Quote #5: Face Challenges

"The body and brain can do ANYTHING when faced with a crisis sufficiently significant if we really desire to win. Create emergencies, make promises to the right people, put yourself into a hole so deep that you have GOT to grow to climb out! You will always get out—and receive the world’s rewards for doing so."​

From “Brainology”.

I’ve also made this book available for Secrets of Success members!

Quote #6: Adapting to Your Environment

"Whether you are a blade of grass on the Nevada desert or a man in the streets of London, you can win only as you adapt yourself to your environment. Today our environmental problem consists largely of the other fellow. Only those who learn to adapt themselves to their fellows can win great or lasting rewards."​

From “How to Analyze People on Sight”.

Quote #7: Doing What You Like to Do

"Any man who will do efficiently any one of the many things the world is crying for can place his own price upon his work and get it…You will never do anything with that brilliant efficiency save what you LIKE TO DO. Efficiency does not come from duty, or necessity, or goading, or lashing, or anything under heaven save ENJOYMENT OF THE THING ITSELF."​

From “How to Analyze People on Sight”.

Quote #8: Nothing Comes to Doubting Hearts

"Opportunities always come, doors are always opening, the road is always made clear to the man or woman who trusts and works. They seldom open in just the way or at just the time he expects, but they open often to bigger things than he ever dreamed of. Nothing comes to the weak, doubting hearts save the crumbs of existence."​

From “Practical Psychology”.

Quote #9: Money as Service to Mankind

"The money a man makes is one of the truest measures of his service to mankind."​

From “Practical Psychology”.

Quote #10: Self-Confidence is a Creative Force

"Most people do not realize that it is a creative force. It is not only a creative force but one of the greatest in man – so great, in fact, that man accomplishes in almost exact proportion to his self-confidence."​

From “Practical Psychology”.

Want to Discover the Power of Elsie Lincoln Benedict For Yourself?

If you’re anything like me then I know you’re super excited right now.

Tell me if I’m wrong. But what most amazes me about Elsie Lincoln Benedict is not that her ideas are new…but I’d just never seen them expressed so clearly and confidently!

Honestly, just one of the lessons and quotes above has the power to change your life dramatically. If you’re someone who has been struggling to get the success you’re dreaming of in life then I just KNOW that Elsie Lincoln Benedict is for you.

So what if you’re desperate to read as much as you can right now?

Well, Elsie Lincoln Benedict is one of my favorite authors and that’s why I’ve republished her books (with audiobooks and PDFs!) — including How To Get Anything You Want and Brainology — for Secrets of Success members!

You can find out more here about the membership and how to get access to her books.

I can’t wait to see you inside!

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