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Why You Don’t Want To Win The Lottery 🤔

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Monday, January 29, 2024

Ever dream of winning the lottery? 🤑

Ever dream of winning the lottery?

You probably don’t actually want to — in fact, it’s so common for people to go bankrupt and get divorced shortly after winning the lottery that it’s been famously labeled “the lottery curse”.

Which begs the question… why?

​Check out this passage from Robert Collier’s book, The Secret of The Ages, and see if you can piece it together…

"The difference between the successful man and the unsuccessful one is not so much a matter of training or equipment. It is not a question of opportunity or luck. It is just in the way they each of them look at things. The successful man sees an opportunity, seizes upon it, and moves upward another rung on the ladder of success. It never occurs to him that he may fail. He sees only the opportunity, he visions what he can do with it, and all the forces within and without him combine to help him win. The unsuccessful man sees the same opportunity, he wishes that he could take advantage of it, but he is fearful that his ability or his money or his credit may not be equal to the task. He is like a timid bather, putting in one foot and then drawing it swiftly back again—and while he hesitates some bolder spirit dashes in and beats him to the goal."

Becoming successful requires a lot of resilience and grit — passion and perseverance.

And that’s the problem.

Someone who wins the lottery didn’t BECOME successful. They never became the person capable of managing wealth to improve their standing in life. They are still the same person they’ve always been. They just received an extraordinary (and unmerited) amount of luck all at once.

And that’s why they often lose everything.

It’s also why you actually don’t want to win the lottery.

Because the best part of becoming successful…is “becoming.” That is, becoming the best version of yourself 🙂
Here’s another great passage from Robert Collier…

"It is the greatest discovery of all time. It is the discovery that man has within himself the power to control his surroundings, that he is not at the mercy of chance or luck, that he is the arbiter of his own fortunes, that he can carve out his own destiny."

Don’t play the lottery.

Carve out your own destiny where you get what you earn through diligence, hard work, and becoming the person you know you’re capable of becoming.

That’ll pay back exponentially more than winning the lottery ever could!

Talk soon,

- Russell Brunson

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